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At the races

One of my favourite designers at the moment is Elie Saab. His dresses are so elegant, with intricate detailing and  beautiful flowing fabrics.

Scrolling through his website fills me with a strange mixture of envy and wonder as I see the dresses swoosh and twinkle as they move. I can spend hours clicking from dress to dress, daydreaming which one I would wear first and what kind of fairytale event I’d be going to.

These dresses inspired an illustration I did last summer, it was the first illustration I did not using one image as a reference.

at the races

Now, when I look at it, it reminds me of Lady’s Day at the Royal Ascot and the polo match scene in Pretty Woman. She’s just casually waiting for the next race to start or for someone to return with her drink, champagne of course, and she knows she is looking gorgeous!


Week 15 – films and football

Week 15 was quite a difficult and stressful week, not helped by train delays going home on Friday (of all days!), so I was very grateful for a lovely relaxing weekend.

The boyf treated us to some new DVDs, to add to our endless collection, so we had a weekend filled with films and football, as well as a surprise visit from the ‘rents which involved a mad tidying frenzy quick tidy up before they arrived!

So Saturday was given over to Frozen, the FA cup semi-final and the Hunger Games sequel, Mockingjay. With a quick afternoon interlude spent with my incredibly tanned ‘rents.

The costumes in that film were incredible! The outlandish fashion favoured by the inhabitants of the Capitol gave the costume designers such freedom to create amazing clothing. One of my favourite outfits was Effie’s butterfly dress.

Effie trinkett

Then Sunday was much of the same, with Liverpool vs Man City and an evening watching the Hobbit, Desolation of Smaug. Although somehow, my morning was swallowed up watching the marathon? Hopefully I wasn’t the only one to suddenly realise they were 2 hours into the coverage, but couldn’t switch off in case you missed the end?!


Getting ready

I have a bit of a reputation of taking a while to get ready.

I can be overly optimistic about how long things take, so much so that it’s not unusual for me to be told we’re leaving at 6, when in fact it’s 6.30.

Personally, I blame eyeliner. I read somewhere ‘never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late.’ It’s so true, I don’t think I’ve ever managed to have symmetrical eyeliner and anyone that can do this must be using some form of the black arts.

Of course, the other regular obstacles to sticking to time are styling my hair and tights, which wilfully snag and ladder at the worst possible times, but these are all just excuses. Really, I enjoy taking my time getting ready.

It can be such a relaxing process (when you have the time to perfect hair and make up). Cleansing, moisturising, taking time to choose the make up, the clothes and the hairstyle, a bit of music in the background – what’s not to love! Or getting ready with a few friends, a huge mess of clothes and make up strewn across the room, music up high, a few glasses of wine and someone to help with the back of your hair – perfect evening preparation.

So that’s the story behind this illustration, she obviously went for the relaxing routine, she’s just making the final touches before slipping on her shoes. Everyone else is probably waiting in the taxi, maybe someone’s jangling keys at the door eager to leave, but she’s not going to rush. She is not going to leave that mirror unless she feels 100% ready.

getting ready


Red carpet inspired part 2

Following on from my post earlier this week, this is the completed watercolour inspired by Emma Watson’s red carpet appearance in 2012.

You can see my original sketch here. Again, hope you like it!

Emma Watson Watercolour



Red carpet inspired part 1

This is one of the first illustrations I did that I was really happy with.

It’s inspired by Emma Watson on the red carpet for the London premier of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. She’s wearing a Dior dress and trouser combination, which wasn’t to everyone’s taste, but I loved the elegant and graceful way it was styled.

This first post is my original pencil sketch and later this week I’ll share the completed watercolour. Hope you like it!

Emma Watson sketch


Waiting for sunshine

It only took a few warm days over the weekend and my winter clothes have been consigned to the back of the wardrobe!

I think I may have acted a bit too soon… The clouds have come back with a vengeance, it may not be rainy, but it certainly is chilly again!

So in anticipation of sunny days to come and the hope for a long and warm summer, I give you the most glamourous yellow sundress.

yellow sundress

Doesn’t this just make you think of sipping chilled wine on the riverside terrace of a bar in the height of summer? Bring on the sunshine!


Classic roadtrip

A pink classic car, oodles of vintage luggage and a gorgeous tulle skirt with matching heels.

classic roadtrip

What more could a girl want?


The dream work wardrobe

My little-bit-later-than-midweek midweek post this week is of an illustration I did of the type of clothes I would love to wear for work.

In this dream-world…

  • My hair happily sits in a bushy messy bun
  • I have the perfect shade of lip colour
  • I wear statement necklaces
  • I have snuggly soft cashmere jumpers (of all colours, naturally)
  • I own a chanel handbag (not actually my bag of choice, but it finishes off the outfit nicely)
  • I have flattering, comfortable knee-length skirts with under layers of tulle to create effortless volume
  • I have enviably slim legs and ankles
  • I can wear high heeled shoes all day, while I elegant swan around town to my office

work wardrobe

Unfortunately, as none of the above is actually true, I normally stick to jeans and a jumper, but it won’t stop me from dreaming!


Week 8 – girl in a blue dress

This Wednesday, I worked from home so that we could finally have the internet reconnected.

It was so lovely: I slept in until 8, I got to watch two epic games of curling (who doesn’t love a bit of curling?!) as I finished off a client proposal, I had the kitten with me all day, I got to see the boyf when he nipped home for lunch, I didn’t have to get on a train and, of course, we got the internet back.

Well, we had it back for the whole of 20 minutes before it disappeared without a trace. Long story short, it turned out the degus must have chewed through the cable months ago and the cable was now refusing to work, so we had to track down a new one.

Finally, even better than all of these things, I had time to pick up a pencil and do some sketching. As always, I used pinterest for some inspiration (see my inspiration boards here) and I spent an hour or so sketching after I’d finished all my worky things.

Today, I finished the sketch with a bit of watercolour and here is the final piece:

blue dress

It feels great to actually get my pencil and paints out and have the time to enjoy it, rather than a quick drawing before heading to bed. Fingers crossed I get a few more days working from home in the coming weeks/months!


The croquis collection

As a welcome break to talking about the endless amount of packing I seem to be avoiding and the upcoming (and super exciting) move to Ely in two days (who’s counting?!), I wanted to share a few fashion-y pencil sketches that I did in the summer.

This is my croquis collection (so far):


I sketched them across a couple of evenings while I was taking a break from watercolours, as I wanted to get better with the pencil before I carried on with the paintbrush. It was great practice for scaling and shaping the body and it was a great way to mimic on-screen outfits as I was watching tv. My fav is number four!

I did them in a little notepad and the plan was to fill the pad with similar sketches, but I found them quite repetitive after a while and moved on to yet another sketchpad – I wanted to add faces, colours and actions rather than just poses.

I’m going to get into the habit of adding to the collection every so often, in the hope that after some/a lot of practice, I’ll be able to sketch a quick fashion croquis in minutes, and then eventually I’ll create my own little army of pencil croquis. [cue evil laugh]