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diy song lyric wall art

Today I’m sharing a little diy project that I did last summer that was super quick and easy to do: song lyric wall art.

I was inspired by this post on A Beautiful Mess, a blog you should definitely check out if you are into crafts, diy or cooking. They share some great ideas on how to make simple home improvements and personalise your home.

This diy in particular, really stuck with me. I spent ages thinking of what songs I could do, how I could make it look a little more me and how I could do it.

Last summer I had a lot of weekend mornings to myself as the boyf was at work, so this was one that I completed on a sunny Saturday morning, done and dusted before he got home.


(photo taken this morning on a non-sunny weekend morning!)

Materials used:

  • Medium sized canvas
  • Pencils
  • Masking fluid
  • Small paint brush with a pointed tip (that got wrecked!)
  • Watercolour paints
  • Large paint brush
  • Rubber

1. First I chose my song and wrote the lyrics in pencil onto my canvas. It took me a while to figure out how large to write the letters, but I wanted it to look a bit abstract from afar and only legible when close up, so I kept the writing quite small. (It also meant I could fit more of the song onto it!)

2. Once I was happy with the pencilled lyrics, I used the small brush to go over the writing with masking fluid. I started from the bottom and worked my way up to try to avoid smudging the pencil with my wrists, but it meant I had to be doubly sure the fluid was dry before I went onto the line above. As it took a while to mask out all of the lyrics, it completely ruined my brush, as too many layers of the fluid had built up on the bristles, leaving it coated in rubber – so make sure its a brush you are willing to sacrifice if you go this route. If anyone has any suggestions for a better tool to use with masking fluid, please let me know!

3. After all the lyrics were masked out and the fluid was dry, it was time to paint. I wanted a loose rainbow pattern, so used a few watercolour paints and swooshed it over the canvas with my large brush. Watercolours and canvas don’t really go well, the paints sit on top and don’t really sink in, which I knew, but thought that it would be fine as it wasn’t a detailed or precise pattern… it took me four or five layers and lots of paint to get a strong colour on the canvas!

4. As soon as your paints are dry, its time to peel off the masking fluid. I find the easiest way to remove the fluid is to roll over it with the pad of your finger or with a putty rubber, to create little gunky balls that can help pull up the rest of the fluid.

5. Once all the fluid has been removed and you’ve basked a little in the glory of your fabulous canvas, the last task is to rub out the pencil marks left visible by the removed masking fluid. Then it’s ready to go up on display.

canvas on wall

(how adorable is my penguin?!)

For the next canvas I’d definitely use a different medium, acrylic paints work best, but I’m not very familiar with them. I’ve been experimenting with gouache this weekend, so I will probably try these, but I think I might come across the same problem of it sitting on top of the canvas rather than sinking in!

What do you think? Is it something you would try?


The bumper Paris post

Firstly, apologies for the radio silence this week – it’s been a busy one at work! So to make up for it, I have a bumper edition post for today!

This week I had a day trip to Paris for a meeting. Sounds glamourous, I know! I can assure you it didn’t feel quite so glamourous waking up at 5am in a Travelodge on Tuesday morning and trundling up to St Pancras with my overnight case!

I was well prepared for the eurostar journeys, with 4 new books on my Kindle and music on my iPhone in case of overly chatty passengers! There was a group of American school kids in the four rows of seats ahead of us, and to be honest, I was preparing for the worst, with my headphones poised, but thankfully, 5mins into the journey they were all plugged into their own devices and were silent for the rest of the journey.

I was shocked! When I think back to my school trips there was a never ending stream of conversation across rows of seats, things being thrown to one another and the teacher trying to pretend they weren’t with us… obviously a time before mp3 players. Well, that makes me feel old!

When we finally got to Paris, the taxi queues were all the way down the street, so we stood in line for 20mins to get the metro. Following a quick shoe change (flats to heels obviously!) before the final stop we got out at George V onto the Champs Elysees.

In all my time in France; living in Rennes for a year, holidaying near Bordeaux and Lille, working in Cannes, working in Paris, school trips to Paris and day trips to Paris – I don’t think I’ve ever actually been on the Champs Elysees before.

I’d seen it in pictures and maybe whipped past it on a bus, but to actually walk down it and take a few minutes to enjoy it, it was amazing!

Arc de triomphe

The architecture of the buildings lining the avenue is so very French and so beautiful, with the pale stonework and blue slate roofs, shutters and iron balconies on all the windows. The road signs, lamp posts and metro signs look like you’ve gone back in time and the view up the avenue to the Arc de Triomphe was amazing, like a scene from a film.

Paris signs

As we were running late for the meeting, we didn’t get long to admire the sites, but when we came out into the avenue again following the meeting, I embraced my touristy instincts and got my phone out! I was still taking pictures as we jumped into a taxi to head back to the station!

I don’t know how I managed to miss the Champs Elysees every other time I’ve been in Paris, but I can’t wait to go again and really explore, and to test my phone memory to the limit!

To ensure this really is the bumper post that I promised, here is my July calendar. A little later than planned, but I only got the chance to finish it yesterday!


Now, as you can see, I’ve got plans today, so I’d better go and get ready!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,


Week 16 – Jam-packed Easter weekend

Week 16 of 2014 was obviously dominated by Easter Weekend, and it was a brilliant and jam-packed four days.

On Good Friday, I went shopping with my bestie, spending way too much money on summer clothes (that we don’t have the weather for) and a rather unusual Easter pressie for the boyf – a table air hockey game! It was so great to catch up and then struggle through town with the cumbersome air hockey box.

Saturday was spent boating on the broads with the family, it was great fun, if a little breezy! My nephew was chief boat pilot for most of the day, leaving only a couple of disgruntled swans in our wake. We had Easter chocs, beer, wine and strawberries as well as occasional bursts of sunshine, it really was a lovely day out together.

Easter Sunday was predictably given over to the watching of football… but this time, it was live! Me and the boyf were kindly given tickets for Norwich vs Liverpool, ooooo it was exciting! The boyf was supporting Liverpool, but I just wanted to see lots of goals and chances, of which there were many. Although I missed the first goal, as I was trying to pick out Delia in the crowd… rookie error!

Easter Monday we met the boyf’s parents for some lunch then had a few hours lounging in front of the tv to catch up on some much needed relaxation before heading back to work today.

What a lovely Easter 🙂 I hope your weekend was also full of happy memories.

easter eggs


Homemade calendar

I’m happy to welcome back the return of the midweek post! Now that I’ve got the internet back, I can continue sharing a few art projects I’ve been working on, starting with our homemade calendar.

We are so bad at remembering peoples’ birthdays on time and as I love to do handmade cards, I like a little bit of warning so I can spend that bit more time creating something a little personal, or at least pretty to look at.

We spent the whole of January intending to buy a calendar, but couldn’t make the decision between cute kittens or cars, so in the end I decided to make our own, so every month could be different and by doing it one month at a time, I would know of any birthdays, anniversaries or other plans well in advance.

I did the March calendar yesterday, using the February calendar as a template, and I have a list of all the family birthdays to make sure I don’t miss anyone out. I kept it quite simple, but it took me about an hour to do by the time I’d painted the flowers, although admittedly I was watching tv at the same time!


Bonus points if you can spot our sneaky photobomber!

As you can see, I have some travel plans this month – a quick 3 day trip to Geneva, a couple of birthdays and two days with hammers… (the hammer represents an event set up and derig!).

I’m looking forward to having a full set by the end of the year and thinking of a new design or style for each month. Fingers crossed this makes sure my cards are all on time this year!


3 sleeps til Santa

There’s only 3 sleeps to go til Father Christmas comes to visit and I’m feeling pretty smug.

Two whole shopping days left until the day and only one present left to get. I even have a plan in place to get the final gift! All the rest are wrapped and labelled under the tree ready for the journey home on Christmas Eve.

This year I used some quick homemade tags for my presents, attached with some thread. The snowflakes were something I had drawn up already (of course, who doesn’t have a few snowflake outlines lying around!) so all I had to do was colour, cut and add a little bit of Christmassy text to tie them all together.

gift tags

I’m quite happy with them, although the pattern clashes with some of the wrapping paper! So, next year I’d like to try something similar, but go for some brightly coloured baubles and some metallic red thread. And glitter! Can’t believe I forgot the glitter!


xmas gifts

Birthday treasure hunt

treasure hunt


Today the boyf turns 27. Don’t be fooled by his boyish face, he really is that old. Luckily no signs yet of extra wrinkles and apparently any grey hairs are as a direct result of living with me: I highly doubt this.

For his present, I normally try to think outside the box, I’ve taken him to some musical theatre (Rock of Ages – it was awesome), to a garage that does lots of drifty stuff (he got a free sticker) and before that he got snowboarding lessons (he’s a natural, I got bruises on my bottom). You get the picture, it’s always something fun and a really long drive away!

This year I bought him a drifting experience at a really cold, drizzly and miserable airfield in the middle of nowhere, just off a traffic jam prone part of the M25 – he had a blast, I think I got a cold. However, he did this back in August, 4 months before his actual bday.

So now I was stuck: after already getting his present at the completely wrong time of year, what do I do for his actual birthday? A birthday just isn’t a birthday without something special.

So today… he’s getting a treasure hunt!

Strategically placed around our tiny flat are these clue cards with questionable rhymes sending him to his little presents and more clues – genius! Inexpensive to do, but still a bit special. He’s due home in around an hour, where he’ll find the first clue on the door… fingers crossed he enjoys it as much as I would!