8 weeks old tomorrow!

After starting to worry slightly that we were going to end up with 5 adorable puss cats on a permanent basis, today we finally confirmed the new homes for two of our little kittens…

Now I’m really sad that we aren’t going to end up with 5 adorable puss cats on a permanent basis.

I had it all planned out, this was the perfect excuse to buy a gorgeous farmhouse deep in the countryside, private woodland and stream optional but preferred. Then we could get a couple of dogs, possibly huskey-esque, some fat fluffy chickens and maybe even a little piglet. I would, of course, expect squirrels in my woodland and perhaps a couple of ducks in my stream, but that might take time.

So now it’s back to reality with a bump, much to our bank accounts’ relief, and we only have two more weeks of a crazy kitten filled home (with no private woodland or stream), then we’ll need to get used to just having 1 degu, 1 big kitten and 2 not-so-little kittens – I can’t imagine I need to worry about having a quiet house again for quite a while!

So here’s a look at them today, the day before they reach 8 weeks old:


The top two are the two leaving us, aren’t they just the cutest! Lucky new owners! Top left is Tom, she’s a big purr-er and likes lots of strokes, top right is Ghost, she is a soppy snuggly kitten except for when she’s chasing jingly balls.

We are keeping the bottom two, who are also super cutie pies! Bottom left is Loki, he’s rather mischievous and loves his dreamies, bottom right is Bitey, we can’t quite seem to decide on a proper name for her (we are open to suggestions!) as one minute she’s a feisty hunter, the next she’s snuggled next to us on the sofa!

We’re so lucky to have had these gorgeous puss cats with us for the last 8ish weeks and we’re going to be so sad to see Tom and Ghost go to new homes. Maybe when I get my farmhouse we can get some more lovely kittens…



365 days pain free

It’s now been a year since my Grandad passed away.

So to mark the day, I want to celebrate his 365 days pain free.

I’m not sure if there is a heaven, but if there is, he’s had 365 days up there enjoying what he loves best and rubbing shoulders with the best of them.

grandad cricket grandad ship

He encouraged us to aim high and not settle for less than we deserve, so hopefully we’ve all taken that to heart.

He had over 78 years full of life and I can only hope that I can match him with as many good stories to tell in my lifetime.

grandad montage


Living in the moment

On the train home the other day there was an elderly couple sitting a few rows in front of me. Normally, I try my best to block out the conversations going on around me, but this time I’m happy I listened in.

The elderly couple started up conversation with a few regular commuters, wanting to double check that they were in the right bit of the train to get to Ely. They were American and had come over to England on a sort of honeymoon.

The commuters carried on the conversation (which is rare enough in the first place!), asking where they were visiting and why they’d now decided to go on their honeymoon, to find out that this couple had only been married a year.

The couple were both in their 70s and had met just over a year ago after losing their partners to Alzheimers disease. Quickly, they fell in love and decided to get married, not wanting to waste any of the time they could have left together.

When they spoke with the priest in the lead up to their wedding, the priest said that with over 95 years of marriage between them if there was anything they didn’t already know about marriage, then it probably wasn’t worth knowing.

Both of them had children from their previous relationships, all of whom were now grown up and worried about their parent remarrying so soon after meeting each other. The man recapped what he had told his eldest son; when you get to my age, we’re thinking of the months we might have together, not the years, so why wait?

It was such a lovely story to hear, especially on a Thursday night train ride home late from work. We spend so much time planning for things in the future, looking ahead and missing out on what’s going on in the here and now.


So, I’m going to try to take a leaf out of their book, and make more of an effort to appreciate the life I’m living right now, not the just the one I’m aiming for in the future.


The perfect look for summer

This week I’ve already started to think about Christmas.

It might seem a little early, seeing as most of us are still hoping there is a little bit of summer still hiding behind the clouds, but what can I say, I like to plan ahead!

The best thing about colder weather is the clothing, I like layers and I love snuggly jumpers and thick wooly scarfs. I find dressing for summer really difficult, I hate being cold, so bring a jumper or cardigan everywhere and I very rarely pick a skirt over jeans!

One summer style I do love is a mid length skirt and boat neck top

french style

Admittedly, although I do now live back in the countryside, I don’t spend a lot of time collecting roses in wicker baskets, but this would definitely be the perfect outfit for it. It’s the kind of outfit that makes me wish I were going on a walk in the country, to picnic under a tree.

Now that it’s a little cooler, I’m going to have to find the perfect autumn outfit for berry picking down country lanes… I’m thinking boots with long socks, a patterned woollen dress, a duffel coat and a bulky knitted scarf snuggling around her neck… hmmm, I’m feeling inspired!


Indie and Meeko

With all of my excitement around the kittens, it could be easy to forget that the first little arrivals to our household were two adorable little degus, that we got exactly 2 years ago tomorrow.

I was at the Reading Festival with my bestie, it was so much fun, seeing the Cure, Foo Fighters, GreenDay, Paramore and dozens of other brilliant bands.

In the months leading up to this, me and the Boyf had been making regular trips to the pet shop on days off just to have a look at the fluffy little animals hopping and jumping around their cages, but always deciding it wouldn’t be a good idea to get pets while we were renting our little flat.

But on the way home, travelling through central London after 4 days without showering, I got a text from the Boyf: there was a surprise waiting for me at home! My imagination immediately went to the adorable little creatures we’d seen at the pet shop, but I knew he was far too sensible to have got some pets while we were still in the flat, so I didn’t get my hopes up.

The Boyf met me at the station and walked me home, with a good couple of metres between us because of my general unwashed state! As we came out of the lift, I was getting pretty excited, he hadn’t let anything slip.

As we came in the door I casually rushed into the living room, and straight in front of me was a huge metal cage and two of the cutest little things ever bouncing from shelf to shelf. It turned out cute totally won over sensible!

We named Indie first, it was an easy choice, he was an adventurer, always the first out of the cage and exploring his surroundings. Meeko was always a little more interested in the treats on offer, just like the Disney raccoon.

That was August Bank Holiday 2012, now 2 years later, my two adorable degus have become just 1 adorable degu.

Degus are amazing little animals, filled with personality and energy. They come to the cage door to greet you, they argue which way to run round the wheel, they rearrange the cage if things aren’t quite how they like it, they go crazy for nuts (they prefer monkey nuts to cashews), they love tackling the stairs and hiding amongst cables, they aren’t scared of cats, they get annoyed if you don’t let go of the nut, they like sitting in hoods and big pockets and they snuggle up together to go to sleep.

Now there’ll just be one in the cage, our little adventurer and resident escape artist isn’t with us anymore. So we’re going to have to give Meeko extra nuts and get him out for extra cuddles and stair runs, to make sure he doesn’t feel alone. I just hope he doesn’t get cold at night now he’s on his own.



Photos to make you go awwww

The whole point of this post is just to make you go awww, and possibly, make you all a little jealous of my beautiful little kittens.

I know I did a series of posts focused on different ideas of happiness, but I think I’ve found the true root of happiness, and it comes in the form of adorable bundles of mini cats with wide blue eyes, pointy little tails and chubby tummies and legs.

I won’t hold you in suspense for too long, I’m just not that cruel. So without further ado, some awwwww-inducing photos, one from the day after they were born and a couple from this week – look how they’ve grown!

kittens 3wks

Look at their little faces!

So for me, this week everything is just coming up kittens, even in my sketchbook!

kitten sketch

Right, well I’d better go save the kittens from launching themselves off the sofa 🙂

Hope you’ve all had a great, if wet, bank holiday!


Reliving back to school

Despite the fact I haven’t been to school in over 8 years, this time of year always gets me in the ‘back to school’ mode.

The first leaves are just leaving the trees, august is nearing its end and I’ve started to think more about pumpkins than beaches. (I blame the last one on the fact that I read far too many blogs based in America; the land of autumn pumpkin fans!)

When I think of going back to school, it’s high school that I remember most. Dragging my mum around every possible shop in Norwich to find the perfect back to school kit.

The big three on my list: shoes, bag and pencil case.

Endless hours spent looking for the perfect school shoe – had to be comfy, but more importantly had to look cool and have a heel slightly higher than allowed by the school. It must have bored mum to tears! Then imagine her disbelief when 3 weeks later I come home in someone else’s shoes becuase we’d swapped for the rest of term…

The bag was a whole other decision: satchel? rucksack? simple tote? tiny handbag so you had to carry everything separately? I think I was mainly a satchel girl, I still use them now, but I still have my red rucksack with the longest straps so it sat on my bum when I walked!

The pencil case was the best part – I am officially a stationary geek. Pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, compasses, set squares – I had it all. I could spend hours dithering between the ink pen or the gel pen and I’m pretty much the same now with art supplies. Don’t even ask how many sketch books I’ve got in my cupboard, waiting for the perfect drawing to be worthy of filling the front page!

Then there is the excitement of starting a new school year. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never had a summer holiday that was quite long enough, but I loved school! I loved that every year you were smarter than you were last year and you were going to be smarter again this year – progress!

I miss that now I’m out of education! You don’t get that sense of progress and moving on in quite the same way that you do in school. Knowing that even if this isn’t your best subject/topic, you just have to get through it then you get to try something else – it isn’t really an option at work, even if your job is project based like mine!

I like this time of year, it’s still my marker for a new year, probably more so than 1st Jan! So this is my back to school girl, looking exactly like I wish I’d looked each time I went back to school; organised, excited and super stylish.

back to school

And it’s probably a good time to say thanks mum for putting up with my back to school demands (the less said about the second year uni duvet tantrum the better – cringe!) and I hope that if any of you have children going to school, that they don’t drag you to every single shoe shop in town!


Making the most of Summer

With just under two weeks of August still remaining, it seems that summer has slipped away.

This week I’ve dug out my little scarf and jacket and contemplated bringing out the boots to combat the recent chill.

Ok, so anyone that knows me may be aware that I can be a little quick to over-react to cold weather – there is nothing worse than being constantly cold because you didn’t put on a thick enough jumper (except perhaps wet feet, which is my ultimate clothing-based nightmare), but still the weather has definitely taken a step towards chilly and brisk rather than warm and breezy.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve spent the summer wearing jumpers in our air conditioned office, or because we had such a sunny start to July, but I definitely feel like this summer has snuck by all too quickly.

I love snuggly layers as much as anyone, but I’m not quite ready to pack away the shorts and flip flops just yet.

I painted this back around Easter time, when we went on a little family boat trip and I had dreams of spending the summer in sun dresses and wide brimmed hats, trailing my fingers in the River Cam as we took impromptu punting trips in Cambridge… Needless to say, I’m a little short on summer dresses, straw hats embarrass the Boyf and the only times we went to Cambridge this summer it chucked it down with rain!

dreaming of boats

I may just consider this extremely advanced planning for next summer! Did you make the most of the sunshine or are there things on your next-summer to do list?



Busy little worker bee

For the last couple of weeks I’ve struggled to find time to post; work has been busier, I’ve been spending more time with the family and of course, the kittens!

So, I definitely think I can be forgiven for my lack of posts – who wouldn’t want to spend their evenings snuggling, cuddling and playing with tiny little kittens?! They are two weeks old today, Happy Birthday Kittens, and they are more fun everyday!

They’ve all got their eyes open now and they are so close to being able to walk properly, although they still drag themselves along on their bellies, with their little legs kicking out behind them – its the most adorable thing ever and I’m having to hold myself back from posting every photo and video I take – this kind of cuteness needs to be shared!

kittens 2 wks copy

Who can resist this much adorable-ness?

So when I’m not following my kittens around with my camera phone, then I’m at work and every day seems to be getting busier and busier! This project is throwing up all kinds of curveballs!

So while I’m at work being super busy and efficient and important (of course), then I’d like you to imagine that I look the part too, so hopefully, something a bit like this:

work wardrobe 2

I would love an acid green bag and shiny blue shoes! However, if you read my previous post on my dream work wardrobe  then you’ll know you are far more likely to find me in jeans, boots and a jumper… One day I’ll have lots of lovely work clothes!

So that’s me set for this week – snuggling with wiggly kittens and dreaming of a classier work wardrobe… oh well, at least it meant I was wearing flats for my walk from the station seeing as I accidentally took the boyf’s keys with me to London today – oops!

I hope your week is also filled with kittens!


Summer of change

Yesterday I met with a friend that I haven’t seen in far too long and she said she felt this was a summer of change, and I couldn’t agree more.

To be honest, it’s been a bit of a year of change, with everything from moving closer to home to starting this blog, but this summer it’s really upped a gear.

Things are changing at work, with hopefully more opportunities on the horizon and more time to focus on and improve upon my little blog in the future.

Things have been changing for us as a family, and by that I mean the wider family not just our little home! These changes, especially, have been more difficult than easy, but I’d like to think we’re all that little bit closer as a result.

Things are changing for friends, with many moving house, starting new relationships and changing jobs. It reminds me I should make an effort to see them more as there is so much of their lives that I’m missing.

One of the things that can be hard to tell at the time, is whether it’s a change for the good or a change for the bad, I’m going to hope that even some of the changes that look not so great at the moment are going to eventually show their silver lining and turn out for the best.

(This is how I’d like to see myself handling change: effortlessly glamorous with fabulous accessories)

However, there is one change that has definitely been for the good: the four fluffy additions to the household – crazy cat lady transformation can only be weeks away!