Week 11 – home again

Slightly later than scheduled, my week 11 illustration is of my Gran’s garden.

This weekend it felt like the weather was finally turning, that I could start to think about packing away my winter coats, scarves and boots and look forward to warm sunshine and longer days. It was a great weekend to spend at home in Norfolk, spending time with family, going out for lunch and watching the river.

Spring is slowly bringing Gran’s garden to life, with buds on the magnolia, daffodils in the patio planters and blue skies over the river.

grans garden


This garden is one of my favourite places to be; it’s beautiful, (mostly) peaceful and full of memories.

It’s filled with summer days of sunbathing, playing swingball and (watching everyone else) fishing. It’s filled with rainy days with raindrops thundering into the river, watching it rise up closer and closer to the mooring. It reminds me of days spent on hire boats, trips down the river on the ferry and walks into the village for ice cream.

And all these memories are always with my Gran, parents, family and friends. It will always be a happy garden for me.


Classic roadtrip

A pink classic car, oodles of vintage luggage and a gorgeous tulle skirt with matching heels.

classic roadtrip

What more could a girl want?


Week 10 – A mixed week

This week was so jam-packed, that it felt like a few weeks rolled into one! Strangely, it made it more difficult to decide on an illustration for this week’s post, but in the end, I realised I had the perfect thing to encapsulate my week:


My brand new free standing mixer!

I got this as a housewarming present from my mum and step-dad and used it for the first time today. To my great surprise, I made some super yummy berry muffins, I definitely recommend the recipe!

It was like the Great British Bake Off in the kitchen this afternoon, flour everywhere, every utensil I could find was out on the counter and I ended up sat in front of the oven waiting until they were perfectly done! Somehow, I don’t think I’d make it to biscuit week.

So today was filled with sunshine and baking, whereas yesterday me and the boyf went up to Norwich to see the game against Stoke. It was great fun, but we missed so many chances!

So it has been quite a mixed weekend, which seems only fitting for such a mixed week, which started in Geneva assisting on one project and ended in the office managing a different one.

Fingers crossed for a calmer week next week!


The dream work wardrobe

My little-bit-later-than-midweek midweek post this week is of an illustration I did of the type of clothes I would love to wear for work.

In this dream-world…

  • My hair happily sits in a bushy messy bun
  • I have the perfect shade of lip colour
  • I wear statement necklaces
  • I have snuggly soft cashmere jumpers (of all colours, naturally)
  • I own a chanel handbag (not actually my bag of choice, but it finishes off the outfit nicely)
  • I have flattering, comfortable knee-length skirts with under layers of tulle to create effortless volume
  • I have enviably slim legs and ankles
  • I can wear high heeled shoes all day, while I elegant swan around town to my office

work wardrobe

Unfortunately, as none of the above is actually true, I normally stick to jeans and a jumper, but it won’t stop me from dreaming!


Week 9 – more events life

This week I’ve been getting ready for a few days onsite at the Geneva Motorshow.

I’m supporting the team producing one of the press launches and as part of the preparation I got to go along to the rehearsal for the musicians involved with the launch.

Obviously, I can’t go into too much detail about the plans for the launch, such as the type of music and the role it plays, but I can tell you I was blown away. The musicians were brilliant, of course, and the music was exciting, emotive and impressive – I can’t wait to see it all come together on site.

So this week, my illustration is inspired by these rehearsals.



Now I’d better get packing for my flight tomorrow morning. Back again on Tuesday evening!


Homemade calendar

I’m happy to welcome back the return of the midweek post! Now that I’ve got the internet back, I can continue sharing a few art projects I’ve been working on, starting with our homemade calendar.

We are so bad at remembering peoples’ birthdays on time and as I love to do handmade cards, I like a little bit of warning so I can spend that bit more time creating something a little personal, or at least pretty to look at.

We spent the whole of January intending to buy a calendar, but couldn’t make the decision between cute kittens or cars, so in the end I decided to make our own, so every month could be different and by doing it one month at a time, I would know of any birthdays, anniversaries or other plans well in advance.

I did the March calendar yesterday, using the February calendar as a template, and I have a list of all the family birthdays to make sure I don’t miss anyone out. I kept it quite simple, but it took me about an hour to do by the time I’d painted the flowers, although admittedly I was watching tv at the same time!


Bonus points if you can spot our sneaky photobomber!

As you can see, I have some travel plans this month – a quick 3 day trip to Geneva, a couple of birthdays and two days with hammers… (the hammer represents an event set up and derig!).

I’m looking forward to having a full set by the end of the year and thinking of a new design or style for each month. Fingers crossed this makes sure my cards are all on time this year!


Week 8 – girl in a blue dress

This Wednesday, I worked from home so that we could finally have the internet reconnected.

It was so lovely: I slept in until 8, I got to watch two epic games of curling (who doesn’t love a bit of curling?!) as I finished off a client proposal, I had the kitten with me all day, I got to see the boyf when he nipped home for lunch, I didn’t have to get on a train and, of course, we got the internet back.

Well, we had it back for the whole of 20 minutes before it disappeared without a trace. Long story short, it turned out the degus must have chewed through the cable months ago and the cable was now refusing to work, so we had to track down a new one.

Finally, even better than all of these things, I had time to pick up a pencil and do some sketching. As always, I used pinterest for some inspiration (see my inspiration boards here) and I spent an hour or so sketching after I’d finished all my worky things.

Today, I finished the sketch with a bit of watercolour and here is the final piece:

blue dress

It feels great to actually get my pencil and paints out and have the time to enjoy it, rather than a quick drawing before heading to bed. Fingers crossed I get a few more days working from home in the coming weeks/months!


Week 7 – the commute

Week 7 of 2014 was my first full week of commuting from Ely to London. Turns out it’s quite a long commute…

I’m ok with the early starts, waking at 6am and heading to the station for the 80min train journey, although, I’ve already fallen asleep a couple of times on my way in. Turns out, this is pretty acceptable behaviour judging by the rest of my early morning commuters, there is always a few snoozing as we wind our way through the countryside.

I even like the walk to the station; I’ve seen the most amazing morning skies stained pink and orange by the rising sun and I’ve been wrapped up warm or huddled under my umbrella as I walk down the hill in the cold and rain.

Then at work things are still work-y, so no change there.

But then, it’s time to head home. I’m optimistically aiming to sneak out of the office door by 5.20pm (I’m meant to work til 5.30pm and really 6pm is the standard home time here), then I can hope to be home by just after 7pm. This still entails a speedy walk to the station and then a slightly panicked jog/trot between St Pancras and King’s Cross, fingers crossed everything’s running on time and I’m wearing comfy shoes.

However, if I mistime leaving the office slightly, the trains are running late between the office and St Pan or I get trapped answering a question before I can edge out of the office door, then the whole plan is ruined: I’m destined to spend 20ish mins loitering around King’s Cross as I wait for the next train.

I shouldn’t complain too much, after all, I’m only a week in! I’ve got plenty of good books to keep me entertained and I still enjoy looking out at the endless fields that roll along the countryside through my window, plus, the boyf is always there at the other end to take me home, so it’s all worth it really.



Week 6 – Family times

The reason we moved to Ely was because of the boyf’s new job (woop to him!), but one of the main reasons we were so excited about the move was because we would be so much closer to home.

We both like to be quite close to our families, but living around 2hours away and the boyf only having two weekends off every 8 weeks meant we couldn’t get home much over the last two years. Now we’re less than an hour away, we’re looking forward to actually seeing people on/around their birthdays rather than just sending a card (late, inevitably, due to our lack of calendar – more on this once our internet is up and running!) and being able to pop in just to say hi.

So the sixth week of 2014 was meant to be all about getting settled in, exploring the town and then having the first few days of the commute with the weekend to recover, but it ended up giving me a little glimpse of what life might be like living a little closer to home!

I managed to see not just the full set of my parents, but also the boyfs parents plus my brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew all in one week – definitely worth the move!

I got to see my dad for the second time in as many weeks when he popped in for a cup of coffee and some lunch as he was in the area. On Wednesday evening me and the boyf nipped down the a11 for my step-dad’s bday with my mum, brother and his family (with a handmade card obvs). It was so great to be able to celebrate with them rather than a quick call before they went out.

Then at the weekend we zipped up the a14 to the boyf’s parents to say hi and bring our lovely degus home following their extended stay for the move. It’s great to have our little family complete again, but I had forgotten quite how much mess they make! In honour of their return, I’ve done a little sketch, but I could only do one as they move around too much!


So after our first full week we’ve explored the town, seen family and got our degus back but we still have an unassembled wardrobe waiting in the conservatory… oops


You can see an illustration of our new house here and read about the move here

Week 5 – The move

Week 5 of 2014 was all about the move!

We may have slightly underestimated a few key elements of the move, such as how long it takes to pack, how long it takes to load the van, how much cleaning we had to do and how much stuff we needed to fit in the van… but apart from that, it went swimmingly 🙂

The boyf’s parents came down to help pack, load, clean and unpack, and with the slowest lift in the world doing its best to hold us up, it took a mere 5 hours to get everything in the van, rather than the 2-3hours I’d anticipated!

We then trundled down the motorway in our hired van with the boyf at the wheel and finally collected our keys at 4:30pm to start the unload.

bow keys

(apologies for the blurriness and lack of colour, I’m still internetless, so have limited resources! ps. our actual keys did not have a bow)

It was amazing to see the amount of stuff we’d squished into that van, loading it must have been like an epic game of Tetris, and the conservatory made for a great holding pen for all our bits and pieces and muddy shoes (it rained non-stop all day).

As an aside, both me and kitten were super excited about finally having our own set of stairs! She can run up and down chasing toy balls and mice and I have the most convenient cupboard-under-the-stairs ever and can no longer see my bed from the kitchen sink – yeay!


(this is how exciting I am about my stairs, look at the size of that cupboard – brilliant)

So after unloading the van and diligently unpacking almost nothing, we had our first night in our new little house; me, the boyf and kitten. Then we were up first thing to drive back down to the flat for the final (crazy thorough) clean and checkout!

So after a final farewell to our first little home together, our view over the Thames and our high speed rail link it was time to head to our new home, complete with kitten, boxes and our own front door.