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Birthday treasure hunt

treasure hunt


Today the boyf turns 27. Don’t be fooled by his boyish face, he really is that old. Luckily no signs yet of extra wrinkles and apparently any grey hairs are as a direct result of living with me: I highly doubt this.

For his present, I normally try to think outside the box, I’ve taken him to some musical theatre (Rock of Ages – it was awesome), to a garage that does lots of drifty stuff (he got a free sticker) and before that he got snowboarding lessons (he’s a natural, I got bruises on my bottom). You get the picture, it’s always something fun and a really long drive away!

This year I bought him a drifting experience at a really cold, drizzly and miserable airfield in the middle of nowhere, just off a traffic jam prone part of the M25 – he had a blast, I think I got a cold. However, he did this back in August, 4 months before his actual bday.

So now I was stuck: after already getting his present at the completely wrong time of year, what do I do for his actual birthday? A birthday just isn’t a birthday without something special.

So today… he’s getting a treasure hunt!

Strategically placed around our tiny flat are these clue cards with questionable rhymes sending him to his little presents and more clues – genius! Inexpensive to do, but still a bit special. He’s due home in around an hour, where he’ll find the first clue on the door… fingers crossed he enjoys it as much as I would!


Starting again


After roughly 18months of life as a (very well looked after) nomad, I finally got a place of my own in May 2012. The year and a half leading up to this point had me living in five locations (one twice) as a house guest in various locations to various degrees of success.

Each time I moved I would pack my little Peugeot (RIP) to the brim with most of my worldly belongings and trundle along the motorways to the next stop. Each weekend, no matter the location, I would try to get back to East Anglia to see the boyf and every few months I would travel to a far flung exotic location for work (ok, mainly to Birmingham).

In short, my life was dominated by suitcases and unfortunately none of them looked as stylish as the above.

The glorious and amazing day that we finally got our little flat and I was able to put away those ever-present cases was just perfect; no more weekend bags, no more Friday/Sunday night traffic, no more weekend rail replacements, no more cold Sunday evenings on the platform and no more wondering where and when I would next be moving.

Like I said, amazing! In the grand scheme of things, I know these are trivial issues, but it was huge for me.

And the whole point of telling you this is that finally settled, I had time again to think about what I wanted to do with all this new found freedom and the answer was art.

Painting, sketching, cutting and sticking, glittering, colouring and creating: starting again.


Taking the leap


I’ve finally done it.

After over a year of umming and ahhing I’ve finally taken the leap into the (relatively) unknown by starting my own website/blog.

I must admit launching the site is both freeing and super terrifying, much like I would imagine really leaping off a cliff into the ocean would be – not that I would ever have the guts to do that!

I want this site to reflect my illustration journey, from restarting with watercolours last year, to where I am now and hopefully seeing wherever this could take me. I want to push myself to create beautiful things that mean something personal or capture a special moment.

It’s an ambitious goal, but I may as well aim high!

I’d love for you to join me on this journey, and any guidance along the way would be greatly appreciated. One day, hopefully, you’ll be here to ask me if I could be the one to illustrate something that means a lot to you!

Wish me luck!