Art prints

If you’d like to use my art to spread a little bit of joy, please stop by my etsy shop.

Here is a preview of the art prints currently available to buy in my etsy shop. As I fill my sketchbook with new illustrations, I update my shop with new art prints, so head on over to see my latest collection. 

I produce all of my prints at home, so if there are any illustrations in my instagram posts that aren’t available in my etsy shop, please send me a little message and within a few (admittedly, quite a few) clicks of my mouse, I can print them out and get them on their way to you.

Sometimes, it can be a test of my ninja-like reflexes to get between the cats and the printer, but I can assure you that although every print is quality checked (sniffed and inspected) by the cats, paw prints are always prevented!

I can’t stress enough how much small businesses, like mine, only survive because of lovely people like you. Some of you buy from us, some of you share our work, and some of you just say nice things about our products! Without an amazing mixture of all three, none of this would be possible.

Thank you for supporting me, in whatever way you can.