Happiness is… pt 4

Today I’m sharing my fourth happiness is… illustration, and I think it may be my favourite yet!

I was really looking forward to illustrating this one, and I had so many ideas for what I could do: a woman curled up in a deep and squishy armchair with her head down engrossed in the final pages of her favourite book; a teenage girl laying on her front soaking up the sunshine in the garden, casually flicking through a new story; a little girl sat on a stack of books so high her feet swing above the ground as she turns the page of a fairytale.

Every time my pencil touched the paper, yet another idea flew into my head, but still nothing was on the page!

Having time to read, to discover the new stories out there and relive the ones I love is so important to me, it’s my escape when it’s stressful, my favourite way to pass sunny days and not to mention, the best way to pass 4 hours of daily commuting. So I realised the only way to really capture the happiness you can get with a really good book was to show the worlds you can find between its pages.

happiness is reading copy
Happiness is reading a really good book

Stories are so important at shaping how we see the world, and everyone that loves reading has that one book or author who ignited that reading spark in them. I devoured the Roald Dahl books when I was growing up and still I enjoy books with a little bit of magic – Harry Potter will always be one of my favourites (I’m rereading book 6 again at the moment!)!

I would love to hear your favourites, be them books or authors, and maybe I can branch out into another series, so please share here or on the facebook page!

Finally, thank you Kathryn for adding this happiness to my list, what a good call!



I love a murder or a lovely modern love story like ” can you keep a secret” which isn’t really modern anymore but a fav. The best stories though are the Enid Blyton adventures that started my daughters love of reading and although a different genre and author my most fav book was Each Peach Pair Plum” as they all taught my daughter that every book is like a rainbow thread and the more you pull it the more colours and magic comes through ๐Ÿ™‚

I was going to mention Each Peach Pear Plum, I can still remember most of it ๐Ÿ™‚ It is severely under-rated! The Enid Blyton books are full of great stories! xx

What a lovely drawing!!! The colors bring it to life. My favorite author as a child was always Beverly cleary. Now my favorite is Jodi Picoult. Nice job Beth!

Thanks Kathryn ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve not heard of Beverly Cleary before, I’ll have to google her! You’ll have to recommend me a Jodi Picoult book, I haven’t read any of hers yet! xx

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