Week 11 – home again

Slightly later than scheduled, my week 11 illustration is of my Gran’s garden.

This weekend it felt like the weather was finally turning, that I could start to think about packing away my winter coats, scarves and boots and look forward to warm sunshine and longer days. It was a great weekend to spend at home in Norfolk, spending time with family, going out for lunch and watching the river.

Spring is slowly bringing Gran’s garden to life, with buds on the magnolia, daffodils in the patio planters and blue skies over the river.

grans garden


This garden is one of my favourite places to be; it’s beautiful, (mostly) peaceful and full of memories.

It’s filled with summer days of sunbathing, playing swingball and (watching everyone else) fishing. It’s filled with rainy days with raindrops thundering into the river, watching it rise up closer and closer to the mooring. It reminds me of days spent on hire boats, trips down the river on the ferry and walks into the village for ice cream.

And all these memories are always with my Gran, parents, family and friends. It will always be a happy garden for me.