Taking the leap

I’ve finally done it.

After over a year of umming and ahhing I’ve finally taken the leap into the (relatively) unknown by starting my own website/blog.


I must admit launching the site is both freeing and super terrifying, much like I would imagine really leaping off a cliff into the ocean would be – not that I would ever have the guts to do that!

I want this site to reflect my illustration journey, from restarting with watercolours last year, to where I am now and hopefully seeing wherever this could take me. I want to push myself to create beautiful things that mean something personal or capture a special moment.

It’s an ambitious goal, but I may as well aim high!

I’d love for you to join me on this journey, and any guidance along the way would be greatly appreciated. One day, hopefully, you’ll be here to ask me if I could be the one to illustrate something that means a lot to you!

Wish me luck!